Sibyldoll – Making your hue go Up and Down

So in search of New Fun Things that are also Hard To Use, I was using Infernoids. As I was playing ‘noids, some guy was using Shadolls then suddenly Sibyl. My monsters went up and down, and I liked how it played, so I made my own.

Deck list:


1x Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

3x Shaddoll Beast

2x Shaddoll Dragon

2x Shaddol Squallmata

1x Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn

3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

1x Arrowslyph the Sibyl

3x Mathematician

1x Djinn, Releaser of rituals

3x Coingnoma the Sibyl

2x Shaddoll Hedgehog

2x Shaddoll Falco

3x Tarotray the Sibylla

Spell Cards

1x Raigeki

3x Shaddoll Fusion

3x Ritual of the Sibylla

2x El-Shaddoll Fusion

Trap Cards

1x Glare of the Black Cat

2x Sinister Shadow Games

1x Shaddoll Core

Extra Deck

1x El Shaddoll Shekhinaga

3x El Shaddoll Construct

2x El Shaddoll Winda

1x Star Eater

1x Hot Red Dragon Archfiend

1x Stardust Spark Dragon

1x Blackrose Moonlight Dragon

1x Black Rose Dragon

1x Arcanite Magician

1x Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight

1x Lavalval Chain

Side Deck

2x Denko Senka

2x Maxx “C”

2x Galaxy Cyclone

2x Pot of Dichotomy

2x Shared Ride

1x Book of Moon

1x Vanities Emptiness

3x Mistake


Literally just normal Shaddolls but with more advantages since you can use the Sibyl’s boss monster, Tarotray the Sibylla to special summon flip monsters like your Shaddolls or the other Sibyl monsters. Tarotray’s two other effects can flip your monsters up to get their effect or flip them face down to set up plays for the next turn or disrupt plays.

Falco and Raiden are there to Synchro Summon.

Side Deck:

Denko is there to prevent Satellars to play the summon 1, set 5 end turn. Maxx “C” is there to plus off decks who SS like crazy, like any Dragon decks one might encounter. Dichotomy can return monsters to your deck and let you draw. Book of Moon is a general use card that is pretty much good for any situation, be it flipping your own monster back down or disrupting your opponent’s plays. Vanities is pretty much just used for stalling until you can get your own plays off, as is Mistake.

Your Opponents

Here I’ll be listing how you’ll fare against the current meta.

Nekroz – Hope they don’t get to Djinn you first turn. If they do, your best bet is to stall until you can pop them with Dragon or Squallmata. If you can’t, make like the French and hoist the white flag.

Satellarknights/Star Seraph Nutella – Dark vs Light. Construct will be your best friend like for most decks, you can also disrupt their plays using Tarotray by flipping down whatever XYZ they go for. If you can Djinn them, great. If it’s a match, you’ll probably want to swap in Denko.

Burning Abyss – Probably the easiest matchup here. Construct can wreck them pretty hard and if they Burning Lake you, just use Tarotray to resurrect your flips.

Qlis – Probably the hardest match up here. Be aggressive, punch out everything they put out. If they use Skill Drain or Lose One Turn, do everything in your power to get rid of it, if you can’t, you’ll have to hoister the white flag.

Conclusion and Q&As

The addition of Sibyls helps the deck quite a bit, since you can abuse Tarotray to plus like mad, and you have a new boss monster instead of just Construct. You have the ability to recycle your cards now, its great. Just make your opponent mad by flipping them up and down. Their hue will actually go up and down.

Q: Why aren’t you using X card? (Crystalundine the Sibyl and Pot of Gold)

A: They’re not on YGOPRO yet.

Q: If the banlist in July hits Construct, what will happen?

A: If its Semi-limited, it’ll still be fine. Limited is much more of a problem since Construct is pretty much your best card against most decks. If its banned, I won’t even play this deck anymore.

Q: Will you update this deck after the new cards are added to YGOPRO and the ban list?
A: Yes.


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