Frenchman Jokes HONHONHON

As a resident of the People’s Republic of China and disciple of the Great Chairman Mao, and as a person who studied in the US of A, it is in my blood to make jokes about the frogs, so let’s start. I do not, in fact, hate the French, they are just the bread and garlic butter of nation jokes.

1: Why do the French put rear view mirrors on their tanks? So they can see the battle too!

2: France is a lightning storm’s favorite traveling place, for lightning prefers the place with least resistance.

3: Vintage French rifle on the market! Only dropped once!

4: A man asks his friend what was the most common French expression, the friend scratches his head and replies “I give up!”

5: How many soldiers does it take to defend Paris? No one knows, it’s never been tried.

6: The French Revolution was an easy military victory for the French, mostly because they were fighting against other Frenchman.

7: Once, just once, the French made the Germans retreat. Legend says its because their battle cry gave the Germans the flu.

8: What do you call a French tank that never retreats? The Maginot Line.

9: The French always have a bayonet slot on their rifles, after all, it can be used to hoister the white flag.

10. What do you call a pretty girl in France? A tourist.


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